Jair Bolsonaro & the Amazon fires — Statement

Over the past few days, massive fires have been decimating the Amazon Rainforest and releasing huge amounts of smoke over the largest city* in the Western Hemisphere: Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro — infamous for hailing the authoritarian dictatorship of Brazil (from 1964-1965), inciting violence against LGBTQ+ people¹, and slowly crushing democracy in Brazil — is now suggesting that the fires are being staged to make him look bad.

Bolsonaro has previously promised to open the Amazon for business ventures, and deforestation has surged under his presidency (though he claims this to be false).²

The Amazon Rainforest is an invaluable resource, home to tens of thousands of species of plants and animals. It produces a significant amount of atmospheric oxygen, and its continued destruction poses a severe threat to biodiversity and the environment as a whole.

Fires in the Amazon have risen an alarming 85% over the past year, primarily due to the destructive policies of Bolsonaro.

The Blue Club calls for Bolsonaro to end his harmful environmental policies and to fight to protect this precious resource.

If you want to help, spread awareness or donate/sponsor an acre of the rainforest for $45.

*based on population

²Washington Post

Image credit: Exame

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