Policy Proposals

One of the central goals of our organization is to offer policies that will progress America and help both the American people and humankind itself.

As we create policy proposals we will list and link to them here. Some of these policies will be fairly straightforward, but some will be more complicated — these will have a post explaining them in further detail attached. All proposed policies will be policies that we feel should be implemented regardless of what party controls Capitol Hill and the White House.

These policies will serve as our official platform.

Defense Policy

The defense budget has become inflated beyond reason. Many resources that could be spent to better the lives of our citizens have been expended to build weapons of war.

  • Decrease our military budget from $686B to $400B
  • Reducing our involvement in conflicts overseas, particularly in the Middle East

Domestic Policy

The government needs to focus on protecting the American people, both by limiting its own power and strengthening regulations on gun sales.

  • Strict background checks, psychological testing, and training to buy a gun — checks should have to be updated every three years
  • Barring those convicted of violent crimes from owning a gun
  • Repealing the Patriot Act
  • Outlawing gerrymandering

Economic Policy

It is the duty of the government to defend the people of the nation from corporations and make it possible for each and every citizen to achieve the American Dream.

  • Reshaping the current income tax brackets to make them less burdensome on the American people
  • Enforcing anti-trust legislation
  • Passing anti-monopoly legislation & making large mergers difficult
  • Restricting eminent domain authority to seizures for public use only

Education Policy

The foundation of every strong nation is a well-educated populace — by making equitable education available to all we can make great strides in progressing America.

  • Requiring vaccinations
  • Mandatory implementation of civics education
  • Private schools accepting public funds must adhere by teaching based on historical and scientific fact

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Electoral Policy

We desperately need to reform our electoral system to ensure that every American has a voice that is not hindered by big money.

  • Repeal the Citizens United decision; by constitutional amendment if necessary
  • Strip corporations of personhood
  • Establish a maximum dollar amount that a donor can give to any candidate/party/etc
  • Implement automatic voter registration for all citizens upon turning 18
  • Implement ranked choice voting in Presidential and Senatorial elections
  • Grant statehood and Congressional representation to Puerto Rico

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Environmental Policy

Climate scientists have warned that we are in dire times — we must act to protect our natural resources, begin a transition to using renewable sources of energy, and bring an end to human-caused global warming.

  • Recognition of climate change as fact and a threat to national security
  • Investments in renewable energy sources
  • Tax breaks for individuals and organizations using renewable energy sources and/or electric cars
  • Increased focus on protecting natural habitats, endangered species, and increasing biodiversity

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Foreign Policy

America can be a leader on the world stage and advocate for the advancement of human rights and humanity as a whole. However, we must be careful to build positive relations with foreign powers and avoid conflict.

  • Increase our foreign aid budget from $49B to $115B
  • Cease military aid to non-democratic states
  • Establishment of closer relations with the People’s Republic of China
  • Pursue nuclear disarmament

Healthcare Policy

The American people need, want. and have a right to affordable healthcare as soon as possible.

  • Universal healthcare
  • Implement price regulations on life-saving drugs

Immigration Policy

We need to enforce our immigration system without antagonization and fear-mongering and create an effective path to citizenship.

  • Penalize employers that knowingly employ illegal immigrants
  • Great a path to citizenship to DACA holders

Justice Policy

The American justice system is in shambles. We need reform to fight mass incarceration, fight for rehabilitation, and bring an end to police brutality.

  • Mandatory usage of body cameras for all police offers
  • Ban solitary confinement of juveniles
  • Legalize marijuana usage and release prisoners convicted of marijuana possession

Science Policy

Let’s reach beyond the limitations of our world and towards the stars.

  • Increase the NASA budget from $21.5B to $65B
  • Increase the NIH budget from $37.9B to $65B
  • Decrease the Air Force budget from $165.6B to $145B
  • Plan a manned mission to Mars
  • Begin working with the UN/foreign nations to create logical policies for interplanetary exploration and resources from other bodies

Social Policy

We firmly believe that every man, woman, and child should have access to equitable opportunity and freedom from discrimination.

  • Elimination of “bathroom bills”
  • Safeguard the Roe v. Wade decision
  • Eliminate the Division of Conscience and Religious Freedom and make it illegal to refuse to provide medical care to LGBTQ+ individuals