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What we stand for:

The Blue Club was founded as a way for Americans — both politically aware and otherwise — to voice their beliefs and fight for the America that they wish to see.

We firmly believe that only through action can the people of our nation inflict meaningful change. Undeniably, the current state of America is one of great division, conflict, and gridlock. In order to alleviate these issues, we must find common ground to affect reform.

Providing information on politics by offering centralized information about government know-how is the pumping heart of our organization. We hope to connect people with their politicians to allow a public voice in the affairs of our nation and campaign for progressive ideas & productivity — at both the state and federal level.

The Blue Club is left-leaning on the majority of issues, though we understand fully conservative mindsets and ideals; our team even agrees with these values on select bipartisan issues.


Kayla Turner: Director of Organization & Events

Kayla Turner is a political commentator and activist. As the daughter of Jamaican immigrants, her main political concentrations are immigration reform, prison reform, and women’s rights. Turner spends most of her time using her voice, as she is a public speaker, singer, and student council member. She enjoys that her platform allows her to speak on behalf of underrepresented individuals. Turner currently resides in Middleboro, Massachusetts and attends Sacred Heart High School in Kingston, Massachusetts. 

Jacob Hays: Chief Financial Officer

Jacob Hays is a high school student in Metro Atlanta. Hays is a student-athlete, participating in basketball, XC, and track. He is a member of DECA and Model UN. He enjoys the outdoors, literature, and music. His main political concerns are UBI, Medicare, and the legalization of marijuana.

Katelyn Buckley: Editor-in-Chief

Katelyn Buckley is a political lobbyist and reformist. She strives to spread awareness about environmental issues and hopes to pursue environmental policy in the future. Outside of the political sphere, Katelyn participates in the speech and debate team at school, performs in musicals, and serves on the Black History Committee. She also enjoys writing realistic fiction short stories and playing with her dog.

Jacob Tran, Director of Communications

Jacob Tran is a political enthusiast who considers himself to be a “Conservative Democrat”. His main political concerns are climate change, homelessness, diplomacy, and immigration. He spends most of his time listening to music and learning about history. When he is not doing those things he participates in extracurricular activities including Asian Culture Club and History Club.

Daniel Ferguson: Policy Director

Daniel Ferguson is a Scottish political commentator and writer. Daniel enjoys reading, writing and watching football. He describes his political views as ‘fairly leftwing’. Ferguson supports universal healthcare, voting reform, and the Green New Deal. Daniel lives with his family in Scottland. You can find him on Quora and Instagram.

Kash Jain: Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Kash Jain is an Indian-American writer and blogger. Jain has been writing on his blog since early 2016. Now a high school student, he is a member of his school’s speech & debate team. In his free time, he enjoys writing and reading — specifically horror, science-fiction, and mystery. Jain is also interested in law, psychology, and economics; he plans to go on to law school after completing his undergrad. He describes himself as “largely left-leaning” — he is an advocate for educational reform, justice reform, and the expansion of scientific research. You can find him on Quora and Instagram.

Staff Writers:

Amit Shenoy

Amit Shenoy is a pioneering advocate for sustainable development and education. He firmly believes that the school system is in dire need of reform to provide a solid foundation for future generations, and aspires to persuade others to take action against the international emergency that is climate change. Political issues aside, Amit considers himself an active community member, serving on student council and making every effort to coach aspiring middle schoolers partaking in speech and robotics. While tackling these issues, he hopes to become a chemical/environmental researcher and search for solutions to those problems.

Henry Huvos

Henry Huvos is a political activist and aspiring journalist. A social liberal, his primary concerns lay in environmental action, prison reform, and voter rights. On his own time, Henry enjoys reading about history, watching hockey, and participating in his local speech and debate league. He comes from a politically active family, with his dad being apart of Michael Dukakis’ 1988 presidential campaign. He lives in Needham, Massachusetts.

Farrah Haytham

Farrah Haytham is a high school senior who loves to write. In addition to writing, Farrah is interested in international affairs, civil rights reforms in developing countries, and the international economy and stock market. Despite having a deep-rooted love for politics, Farrah aspires to pursue a career in the sciences. She is usually training for half marathons, hurdling for the track team, or coxing for her school’s crew team. Apart from running or being on the lake, Farrah loves to read nonfiction, day trade stocks, and tutor.

Afra Rindani

Afra Rindani is a high school senior. She has a deep passion for civil rights and social justice. She aspires to pursue a career in political science and international relations in the future. Her interests focus on women rights, capitalist corruption, and international affairs regarding poverty. With this, she records podcasts about political and cultural issues. She involves herself in Speech and Debate, Student Council, and a few clubs at school. In her free time, she is an avid watcher of historical documentaries and hip hop. Along with her aspirations, she hopes to make an impact with her work in the near future.

Joanna Setow

Joanna Setow is a passionate political activist and enthusiast. Deeply committed to increasing civic engagement, she runs a chapter of the MA High School Democrats at her high school and has worked on multiple political campaigns. Joanna has met nearly every Democratic presidential candidate and is extremely excited about the 2020 presidential election. She is interested in researching methods to increase voter turnout in America and pursuing governmental work on the federal level. She currently resides in Quincy, MA and is a senior at North Quincy High School.

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