Julian Assange – Statement

Issued by Daniel Ferguson, Director of Communications, 4/24/2019

The Blue Club strongly disapproves of the UK Government’s decision to extradite Wikileaks founder Julian P. Assange to the United States on charges of conspiracy to commit computer intrusion rather than release him into the custody of the Kingdom of Sweden, where Mr. Assange is likely to be charged with the much more significant crime of rape.

Mr. Assange’s actions, that have led to his impending extradition, were undertaken in support of a very simple goal: transparency and accountability. While this goal is important, Mr. Assange’s method of achieving it was not appropriate. However, while his actions were highly illegal, it is important to recognize that he is currently under investigation in Sweden for other crimes of a higher magnitude.

The Blue Club feel that it would be much more relevant and appropriate for him to be extradited there, where he may soon be indicted on charges of rape and sexual assault. This is a more relevant crime, as well as a much more serious one. We would encourage the Swedish Government to investigate this crime relentlessly, regardless of the end result.

Last edited by Katelyn Buckley, Editor-in-Chief, 4/25/2019

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