President Trump’s Racist Twitter Scandal – Statement

President Trump’s recent Twitter attack on four freshman congresswoman is abhorrent. The Blue Club condemns President Trump’s actions and calls for him to retract his statement, delete the tweets, and apologize to the Congresswomen involved. It is especially imperative that Ilhan Omar, the Congresswoman for Minnesota’s 5th District, is served due apologies.

President Trump’s refusal to quell the spread of “send her back” chants at his recent campaign rally in Greenville, North Carolina further demonstrates his tolerance of racist behavior, a mentality that our team deems unacceptable (especially given the President’s current campaign).

Racist tendencies are outdated and inadmissible, as is the nation’s President attacking fellow elected officials via social media. The hesitancy of Congressional Republicans to condemn President Trump’s tweets is repugnant — regardless of Republicans’ current paranoia surrounding the 2020 election. As such, this action alone should shock and concern all Americans regardless of party or political affiliation.

Last edited by Katelyn Buckley, Editor-in-Chief, 7/24/2019

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