The Education Series

One of the most significant issues of our time concerns one of our oldest and most renown institutions: quality K-12 education. 

In the day of Horace Mann, “The Great Educator,” America shined as a beacon of educational opportunity and progress. Followed by countless educational reformers, Mann fueled a movement on the belief that all people deserve access to quality public education.

And so was born public K-12 education in the United States.

Yet… we have failed. Faced by a myriad of issues, our education system simply isn’t what Mann and others like him envisioned.

A quality education system serves as the foundation for any modern nation; only through good education can our children learn and reach their full potential. If we wish to progress as a nation and stay relevant in an increasingly globalized age, we need to return to the ideals of Mann and ensure that we can provide a solid foundation for the children of America.

As such, we are launching an education article series — including an interview with an education policymaker — culminating with the release of The Mann Plan, our comprehensive education reform plan.

Stay tuned! 

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