George Floyd and the Minneapolis riots — Statement

The Blue Club strongly condemns Derek Chauvin’s murder of George Floyd. Police brutality is completely unacceptable, and we urge Congress and the President to address this crisis — one that is killing Americans. Chauvin and the officers who chose to ignore Floyd begging for air need to be brought to justice.

While we agree with the cause for outrage and fully support peaceful protests and marches against police brutality and the death of Mr. Floyd, we do not support violence and destructive rioting as a means to voice outrage. However, it must be noted that many of those who are taking advantage of the chaos and choosing to destroy private property is not associated with the protesters and are merely spreading more chaos. There is a clear difference between those who are protesting violence and outraged at an atrocity versus those who are descending into riots.

Additionally, President Trump’s decision to state that the military should shoot at civilians is repressible and spreads a dangerous sentiment. Such a statement is reckless, and such an order would be unconstitutional and borderline fascist.

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