The 2020 Election: Part One

We are glad to announce our upcoming coverage of the 2020 election, both the DNC primary process as well as the general election.

We have posted our first coverage of the primary election in the form of six articles written by our editorial staff concerning the candidates that we consider the be viable contenders for the nomination.

Strong arguments often include concession. In order to provide our readers with the best view of each candidate, we choose to include both possible pluses of the six candidates as well as possible drawbacks.

You can go read these six pieces:

The case for Joe Biden
The case for Bernie Sanders
The case for Elizabeth Warren
The case for Pete Buttigeg
The case for Amy Klobuchar
The case for Andrew Yang

The Blue Club, at this time, intends to endorse a candidate. However, we will need to carefully weigh the arguments that our editorial staff made, other possible arguments, and the candidate’s alignment with our beliefs before we announce our endorsement.

Stay tuned for more coverage on the Democratic Party’s primary process, as well as a new policy series beginning soon!

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